About The FIVE MILLION KIDS Initiative

The past years have shown us the disaster that can occur when citizens of our nation are financially illiterate and economically disempowered. The need for financial literacy is evident, and the efforts to advance it are growing, but we must take it to another level. Sadly, there are still many Americans who do not even know what financial literacy is. 5MK is going to change that.

Financial literacy is a civil right of every American and an essential component in any effort to promote self-sufficiency and empowerment in this economic age. 5MK is going to lead the charge to show the country the power financial literacy has to change lives and empower people to take hold of their futures.

Quincy Jones, Ambassador Andrew Young, and Operation HOPE CEO John Hope Bryant are calling leaders and organizations around the country, who are dedicated to the work of financial literacy and economic empowerment, to become a 5MK partner and make a pledge of action to the FIVE MILLION KIDS Initiative. 5MK is a national, inter-organizational movement designed to raise awareness and relevance for financial literacy in America by:

1) Empowering 5,000,000 low-wealth youth and adults with financial literacy education

2) Opening 50,000 savings accounts for youth

3) Securing $50,000,000 in earned income tax credit for qualifying adults

4) Opening 50,000 savings accounts for adults

5) Engaging 250,000 volunteers to teach financial literacy in the classroom and community

Every major issue has a face. Education has the America's Promise Alliance. Global change has the Clinton Global Initiative. Financial literacy has the FIVE MILLION KIDS Initiative. Let's turn up the volume on financial literacy in America.