5 Million Kids

Financial literacy has the power to change lives, families, and communities. In 2010 Operation HOPE and Gallup Inc. launched the groundbreaking Gallup-HOPE Financial Literacy Index. This vanguard research study demonstrates the qualitative and quantitative impact that financial literacy has on hope, well being, and engagement in life. Through 5MK we want to bring the power of financial literacy to as many adults and children in America as we collectively can. We are going to show the country the power that financial literacy can have to impact pressing social issues, like the high school dropout rate.

We are calling on all organizations, no matter how great or how small, to make a pledge of action toward one or more of the 5MK objectives. How many children will you teach? How many adults will you empower? How many savings accounts will you open? How many adults will you educate about the earned income tax credit? How many volunteers will you send out into the community to teach financial literacy?

The collective effort of those who join with in this movement is going to bring financial literacy to the forefront of the minds of everyone in this nation—politicians, educators, business leaders, community advocates, parents, and children.

Join us in creating a platform for a new, dynamic conversation around financial literacy in America. It will create the opportunity for our business, government, community, and educational leaders to come together to devise and implement innovative solutions to increase the relevance of financial literacy relevant in America.


Let's show the world the power of collective action.

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US National Graduation Rates

Graduation Rate
Size Rank
21.7% Detroit 11
53.7% New Orleans 48
68.4% Gwinnett County, Ga. 20
38.5% Baltimore City, Md. 30
53.8% Duval County, Fla. 19
68.4% Brevard County, Fla. 42
38.9% New York City, NY 30
53.8% Clark County, Fla. 6
69.3% Fulton County, Ga. 45
43.1% Milwaukee 28
54.8% DeKalb County, Ga. 27
70% Hillsborough, Fla. 10
43.8% Cleveland 44
55.1% Austin 37
70.2% Anne Arundel, Md. 40
44.2% Los Angeles 2
55.2% Palm Beach County, Fla. 37
70.4% Cobb County, Ga. 26
45.3% Maiami-Dade County, Fla. 4
55.5% Philadelphia 8
72.2% Granite, Utah 46
46.3% Dallas 13
56% Charlotte 23
75.3% Mesa, Ariz. 39
46.5% Pinellas County, Fla. 22
56.2% Orange County, Fla. 15
75.8% Northside, Tex. 49
46.8% Denver 43
60.1% Polik County, Fla. 34
77% Jefferson County, Colo. 33
48.5% Memphis 21
62.2% Jefferson County, Ky. 31
80.2% Jordan, Utah 41
48.7% Broward County, Fla. 5
63% San Diego 16
81.3% Cypress 47
48.9% Fort Worth 36
63.1% Fresno 35
81.5% Montgomery County, Md. 17
48.9% Houston 7
63.7% Hawaii (Statewide) 9
81.9% Baltimore County, Md. 42
50.4% Nashville 50
66.5% Virginia Beach 38
82.2% Wake County, N.C. 25
52% Albuquerque 32
67.3% Prince Georges's County, Md. 18
82.5% Fairfax County, Va. 14
52.2% Chicago 3
68.1% Long Beach 29


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The solar energy industry has been booming in many U.S. states in the past 7-10 years, especially in Massachusetts. The rate of solar panels installations has been increasing year over year, and there's no slowdown predicted in the next few years.
The main reason for the boom is all the state and federal incentives and tax breaks available - the federal tax rebate alone is 30%.

There has never been a better time to go solar then now.
Google's Project Sunroof offers easy to use calculators to predict your home's solar potential.