Cumberland, Rhode Island

New England is a beautiful place to live, and many consider it the best. Residents in this region believe they handle winter better than others and they believe their lobster and seafood are the best. And of course New England is said to have the most colorful autumn leaf show in the world. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States, but has large attractions, incredible history as fascinating as any state in the United States. Cumberland is a charming, diverse town located in the northeastern most part of Rhode Island. It is a town with something for everyone.

Cumberland is home to so much history. This town settled in 1635 and incorporated in 1746. It is home to a magnificent history. The population is registered at 35,506 as of the 2010 census. Originally it was a part of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, but purchased from local Native Americans by the Plymouth Colony. Later, because of a boundary dispute Massachusett transferred the town of Cumberland to Rhode Island. Cumberland is named after Prince William, Duke of Cumberland. William Blackstone was the first European to settle in Cumberland, and taught religious tolerance by teaching Christian sermons under an Oak tree. His teachings insisted residents respect others' religious beliefs and keep Christianity simple.

Cumberland is 20 minutes from Providence, RI, 30 minutes from Boston and approximately 150 miles from New York (Bronx). The population is diverse, including White, Hispanic, Asian, Black, American Indian and other diverse people. The largest employers in Cumberland are Insight Global and Fidelity Investments/Financial. Schools in Cumberland rank well each year.

People come to Cumberland for the pleasant living experience, and the exciting tourist attractions. It's full of hidden treasures which enlighten those who visit this friendly town. One such treasure is "Nine Men's Misery." It is a tomb found on the grounds of a monastery where nine colonist are killed by an Indian Tribe during King Philip's War. A memorial sits on the site today. Next, Blackstone River Bikeway is a breathtaking scenic ride along the trail from Lincoln to Woonsocket. It crosses the Blackstone River, passing several waterfalls. Another attraction is Diamond Hill Vineyard. It sits on 10 acres full of grapes. It is known for replicating the French tradition for yield, vinified and aging wines. The first planting of Pinot Noir vines occurred in 1976 and now cultivates ten acres of classic French grapes. The first vintage released was the 1983 Pinot Noir. Diamond is known for growing and cultivating Pinot wines for blueberry, peach, apples and other fruits as well as Pinot Noir Blanc wines. Finally, Cumberland is the only place on earth where cumberlandite is found. This mineral is full of iron and titanium. The mineral is magnetic, and myth says it came from a meteor.

Cumberland is 28 square miles of peace and beauty. It's full of history, entertainment, diverse people, cultures, and treasures. A visit to this wonderful town is a treat you give to yourself and your family.