Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is a highly popular tourist destination. Located on the eastern seaboard, it has long attracted permanent and temporary visitors alike. This part of Pennsylvania is largely rural in character with many open fields and farming centers devoted to growing fresh produce. The county also has destinations that are slightly more urban. Many people come from other parts of the country to enjoy the chance to walk in the region's delightful woods, cross an old fashioned and charming covered bridge, shop at a nearby mall, play at an area casino or just spend an entire day enjoying the water rides at Sesame Place.

New Hope

Many people divide Bucks County into two parts. The northern part of the county is often known as Upper Bucks. This part of the country is quite leafy and wooded, with many regions covered in forest. People who visit this area will find a thriving arts scene with many craftsmen delighted to show off their wares for purchase. The small town of New Hope is considered one of the most popular destinations in this part of the county. Visitors will find protected farmland, historically accurate buildings and a scenic pond adjacent to a water mill. They will also find many contemporary restaurants, antique shops and a local area theater that is renowned across the nation for the quality of the productions hosted there.

Peddler's Village

Another popular regional attraction in the Upper Bucks region is Peddler's Village. This area is home to many important and highly popular festivals throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy crafts fairs, a gingerbread house competition and other kinds of events. A walk through the village can be a delightful chance to be outside in a beautiful part of Pennsylvania during surrounded by nature at all times.

Covered Bridges

Bucks county is noted as one of the last places in the world where people can still see and walk across covered bridges. The region has twelve covered bridges in all. Ten of them can be crossed by car. The other two can only be crossed on foot. Each bridge is admired for the craftsmanship that was used to create it. Visitors and locals alike adore the chance to see such elegant, functional and lovely structures in person.

Southern Bucks County

Southern bucks county or Lower Bucks also has many enjoyable attractions. People come from many parts of the area to have the chance to spend time here. Many parents love bringing their kids to Sesame Place. Sesame Place is an amusement park based on the Sesame Street characters. Parents can spend and entire day here with their kids. Rides at the park are designed for both older kids and younger kids alike. The park also has a water section that allows parents and kids time to cool off from the heat and treat their kids to a delightful time as well.

Malls and Casinos

This part of Bucks county is also home to many malls and a very popular casino. Visitors can shop for all their needs at one of many area malls devoted to providing access to high quality goods to travelers and locals as well. Those who like to gamble can do so at the brand new Parx Casino in the town of Bensalem.